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Damn, we’re old!

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Vitali Osokin

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Winter Scenery of Mochou Lake, Nanjing City, China 

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A mother and her baby say goodbye as the calf is shipped off to a slaughterhouse for veal. This is the reality of the dairy industry.

In order for a mother to produce milk she must, like all mammals, get pregnant. In the dairy industry the mother is artificially inseminated by a human sticking his hand in her vagina (rape). The mother carries her child in her uterus for 9 months and within moments of giving birth, has her child stolen from her so the calf does not nurse. Instead the milk goes to humans. If male, the calf goes straight to the veal industry to be slaughtered for meat. If female, she shares the same fate as her mother.

Is all of this worth a bucket of ice cream? Milk is for calves.

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Kaneda Shotaro

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The fucking best game. My favorite.

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Blood Moon gif stabilized and slowed.

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Luc-Olivier Merson, Riposo durante la fuga in Egitto (Detail). Olio su tela, 1879.

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