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Luc-Olivier Merson, Riposo durante la fuga in Egitto (Detail). Olio su tela, 1879.

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Mind over body.


Un poco de cerveza nunca viene mal.

Palabras sabias.

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One of the most beautiful women gracing our Tumblr dashboards…


The Andaman Islands are located in the Indian Ocean between India and Myanmar. Only 27 of the 500 islands of the archipelago are inhabited, and the main source of income of the people has become forestry. Because of that the elephants are very important here. They do the basic job of transporting timber.

French photographer Olivier Blaise took two elephants Sarasu and Chandi to swim underwater. Both belong to a wealthy landowner on one of the islands. Elephants can be working on several islands, and they have been taught to swim from one island to another.

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Translations meant to kill the readers.

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Porn for the whole family, Brian Steinhoff

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My dog resting on my leg already beaten up by sleepyness around 11:30 pm…