"Mutual Tunnels is a hand-drawn animated short film directed by Jun Cen. The original music is composed by Jason Charney.

The film seems to be executed in a linear way. However it is not until the end of the story that people realize they have come back to the beginning of the story, where the hands of the two protagonists are holding one another. It forms a structure similar to a Mobius Strip. If our common sense about the linear characteristic of time is correct, questions are raised. What is actual and what is virtual in this film? Are all the fragments the crystals of time that reflect both past and present? The answers to these questions are left for the audience.”

mutual tunnels animation drawing Jun Cen movie short b&w


Jun Cen, stills from the series, Mutual Tunnels, 2013

One can experience the dynamic of the unconscious mind as one dreams. Time and time again, the dark wave that flows in this inner universe grounds us in different landscapes. 

See the video here.

mutual tunnels from Jun Cen on Vimeo.

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