Happy Birthday Le Corbusier!

The one and only.

"Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, who was better known as Le Corbusier; October 6, 1887 – August 27, 1965), was a Swiss-French architect, designer, painter, urban planner, writer, and one of the pioneers of what is now called modern architecture. He was born in Switzerland and became a French citizen in 1930. His career spanned five decades, with his buildings constructed throughout Europe, India, and America.” via

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(Fuente: archatlas)

Radiohead - There There

There there - Radiohead

They lost me a little bit with “The King Of Limbs”, I don’t know if that happened to you too, but anyway…

My favorite band when I was in college, and one of my favs ever. This song is really cool (in a weird, actually, in a radiohead way). Enjoy.

radiohead music